Bank Cash Flow and Merchant Cash Advance

Why Choose Us?

Everyone is looking for ways to save money and acquire the necessary capital to keep their business moving. Others will quote low rates but overcharge you with hidden fees that are difficult to discover. Lenders are tighter than ever and won’t even consider financing unless you have impeccable credit. We’re here to help you get the upper hand and save money on your credit cards while you get approved for the cash you need. Full disclosure is our way of showing you how confident we are in our ability to save you money and help your business. With nothing to hide, you can be sure we’re doing everything we can to get you the best deal.

A small business loan alternative in New York City, Capital Stack provides fast working capital based on future sales of cash flow in the business bank account and credit cards. Bad credit ok.

About Us

Capital Stack, LLC delivers business cash advances, unsecured programs, and cash-flow-style bank loans. The company designs flexible programs to advance against future credit card receivable or structure and advance on the bank cash flow of the business. Its financing allows most business to expand their customer base and turn future receivables into immediate cash.

Capital Stack and Lendio Join to Help More

Entrepreneurs Access Small Business Loans

Lendio and Capital Stack just made it easier for entrepreneurs with lower credit scores to access money to grow their businesses.
“Access to capital is the lifeblood for new small business and the U.S. economy,” said Brock Blake, Lendio CEO. “Now the entrepreneur dream can be realized for more people.”
Many businesses today have a difficult time getting small business loans. Right now, Blake says nine out of 10 business loan applications fail. It’s why he created Lendio, an online platform that matches qualified business owners with the right lenders and loans. Through Capital Stack, Lendio customers can find more matches to unsecured programs, business cash advances and cash-flow-style bank loans.

Lendio and Capital Stack Launch Program

Helping Those Without Credit Receive Business Loans

Lendio and Capital Stack announce a Bank Flow Cash Program, which helps businesses that don’t qualify for business loans, secure capital to help their businesses grow.

NEW YORK CITY and SALT LAKE CITY — Existing businesses no longer need credit at all to get business loans.

Lendio and Capital Stack today announced a new Bank Flow Cash program, which enables business owners to receive business loans without any credit.

“Many new business owners have either poor credit or no credit history at all,” said Brock Blake, Lendio CEO. “When those people approach banks for small business loans, they are denied the vast majority of the time. Without those funds, many small businesses can’t continue to operate.”

This program is designed specifically to help those types of businesses across the nation. Some industries that often get turned down by bank and cash advance programs include collection agencies, attorneys, accountants, gas stations, travel agencies, and construction. This program will in turn, help create more jobs and strengthen a struggling economy.

“After jointly evaluating the marketplace, we found a large void that didn’t have this type of credit in the system,” said David Rubin, Capital Stack CEO.

There is a large volume of potential businesses that could benefit from this program. Together, Lendio and Capital Stack developed a solution and brought it to the market.

“The key was using the new platform developed by Lendio, to instantaneously scrub market wide the available options for a small business,” Rubin said.

This program allows clients the following benefits:

  • Underwritten in 24 hours
  • Fund in one day
  • 90% more approvals over traditional bank programs
  • $20,000 in average approvals
  • Advances up to $500k
  • Startups in business 1-3 months can be approved
  • Profitability not examined
  • Business credit not examined
  • 500 personal credit is OK
  • No interest or late fees
  • Repayment automatically from the bank account
  • No application fee

Learn How to Fund Merchants Unsecured on the Bank Cash Flow!

We have a unique new program that funds a business on future Bank Cash Flow of the gross sales. This new program comes on the heels of our successful Merchant Cash Advance Program. Apply Here to be an ISO/Reseller/Agent

Business Cash Advance

Understanding the Capital Stack Business Cash Advance

Capital Stack extends business cash advances based on the cash flow passing through those merchant credit card accounts or the bank cash flow activity. Your monthly credit card sales or gross deposits into your bank account will determine the amount of your business cash advance, and your personal comfort level will be a substantial factor in setting your repayment schedule.


Working together with our merchant account system we will automatically deduct a small percentage of your monthly credit card sales to repay your business cash advance automatically. If you enroll into the bank cash flow program the repayment will be automated through the bank account set daily or weekly. No late fees, no stamps, no hassles! Capital Stack knows the best method to reduce risk is to give your business what it needs, and then stay out of the way. You focus on your business and eventually the debt disappears. Capital Stack is able to offer your company this easy and flexible payment method, because we listen to your concerns while setting your personalized repayment schedule. Our goal is to have a happy business owner who is focused on their business success, and not on loan payment due dates. By teaming up with Capital Stack you secure more than a finance provider — you gain an entire organization devoted to your success.

Your New Financial Partner

Capital Stack LLC knows small business and the demands placed on the small business owner. Call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable small business financial service specialists so that we can guide you though every detail of the very short application. We pride ourselves on our willingness to spend as much time with you as necessary to achieve full understanding. We are confident that the more you know about the Capital Stack Business Cash Advance, the more you will want to use our service.

Getting Started

While Capital Stack constantly strives to provide the most user friendly atmosphere, there are some requirements your business must meet in order to qualify for a business cash advance. Copies of your merchant account statements and three months bank statements are normally sufficient documentation in order to complete your application. Your Capital Stack small business financial service specialist will advise you in the unlikely event that more documentation is required.

Easy Requirements

Accepts credit cards as a mode of payment
Processes a minimum of $2,000.00 in credit card sales per month
Has been in business for at least 3 months
Seasonal businesses must provide 12 months of sales records; 3 months for non-seasonal businesses

Bank Cash Flow

No credit cards
minimum monthly deposits $10,000
Has been in business for at least 3 months

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